The world is full of suffering.

This is going to sound so weird but I can’t deal with all the suffering in the world. I want everything to be perfect for everyone, I don’t want others to suffer and I genuinely cry for people, I see people suffering and I cry for them. I want to do so much to help people, but I cant and I feel bad because I have pretty much everything I want and there’s children that go without water or an education and they’d want it so bad, to make their life so much better and everyone takes these things for granted.

People are so selfish and it makes me angry that people can have so much but allow others to suffer. They have the ability to help others and yet, they don’t take it. We could do so much to help people and we don’t and that is so wrong.

I just want everyone to live in peace and be happy without having to worry about finding clean water or food to survive. That’s a basic right for everyone and yet, not everyone gets it.

About thathippylife

90s kid stuck in the 60s and 70s. |Equality|Peace|Freedom|. I was born to experience the freedom of the open road.

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